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Why Water Hydraulics?

Endless Environmentally Friendly


For over 20 years BOC Water Hydraulics has been manufacturing 'green' products for use in many industries and for numerous applications. We have always been sensitive to the environment and from our plant to your company, we can ease your anxiety about whether or not your equipment could result in a head-hurting environmental issue. We have an industry renown engineering department that does complete system design and will customize your request to fit the application. We have High Pressure Water Pumps, Stainless Steel Reservoirs, directional control, flow control, pressure control, and proportional control valves to fit your needs. We also offer On-Site component rebuilds and a field service division that can be on site in the U.S. within 48 hours. So, why Water Hydraulics?

  • Water hydraulics can accomplish the same work as traditional systems, without worrying about the environmental impacts associated with oil based systems.
  • Water hydraulics is a very efficient way to transmit fluid power; water is incompressible with no energy loss attributable to fluid compression.
  • Water hydraulics is naturally fire resistant; please note that advertised fire resistant fluid can ignite when atomized under pressure. The key is that water is truly Non Flammable.
  • Water hydraulics can be used even in below freezing applications; environmentally safe additives can significantly lower the freezing point
  • Water hydraulics is proven technology and is being used extensively throughout many industries today such as steel, aluminum, mining, medical, food processing...and the list continues to grow.

BOC News

November 2015

Congressman Bill Johnson stops by BOC to discuss the state of manufacturing in Ohio

BOC Water Hydraulics was honored to have Congressman Bill Johnson from Ohio's 6th District at BOC on November 9th to discuss the state of manufacturing in the state and across the country. The Congressman provided us with valuable insight on the 'road ahead' for Ohio and the country relative to the proper management of our export and monetary policy. BOC very much appreciates the Congressman's visit!

Why Choose BOC

BOC’s Core Values speak volumes as to what our company is about: - We are Committed to Quality in everything we do - We promote Innovation from every level - Our Integrity will never be compromised - We are Dedicated to understanding our customer’s needs - We consider ourselves a Family. Bottomline, our products are the safest and most reliable in the marketplace. Our products will simplify your maintenance plan, significantly reduce your downtime, and simplify your spares strategy.

Message From the President of BOC - Update Sep 2015

Todd Olson

Todd Olson
President / Owner

2015 has been busy and interesting --- for the last several years I have been watching the manufacturing capability of China, but will say that I have become increasingly concerned over the past 9 months as I have watched our major steel producers and others raise concerns in Washington DC regarding the dumping of steel in the U.S. by China. I can tell you firsthand it is not just the steel producers that are being adversely affected by this. Small companies like BOC are, too. The data is clear and it is understandable why many in the steel industry and their suppliers, like BOC, are concerned --- between 2012 and 2013, China's increase in steel production capacity was equivalent to the U.S's total capacity (that's not a typo). The second and third order effects of this, coupled with a strong dollar, low oil prices, and overlooked U.S. trade policies are negatively impacting, across the board, the U.S.'s manufacturing health and the health of its suppliers. Secondly, I'd also like to share the good news and highlight some opportunities BOC has realized to further diversify our customer portfolio. You may have noticed we highlighted a different logo with the 'green' emblem attached to it! The green aspect of our business model is exciting and we are making some real inroads on this front...our core business products use water vice oil and we see the possibilities in this environmentally friendly economy as endless. What BOC has known since 1993 is that we can accomplish the same work as traditional systems but without worrying about the environmental impacts associated with oil based systems. We have now become involved in the maritime sector on the Gulf and East Coast, where many companies have identified a need for our expertise in their applications. Additionally, we are currently working with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) on a major project for the Fall Creek Dam and Reservoir in Portland, Oregon --- we are very proud to be a part of this undertaking to better this reservoir in the PACNORWEST! Lastly, we added a Global Reach tab to our website. It is still being updated to reflect our Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chili, China, India, Japan, Mexico, Taiwan, and the United Kingdom reps contact information, so please use the Contact Us tab to start a dialogue with our Team. Todd Olson