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BOC Building Blocks

Quad-S Cartridges

• Quad-S: Stainless Steel, Soft Shift


• Quad-S Cartridges serve as the heart of many of our valve lines, including Decoking, Descaling, Directional Control, Pump Bypass, and Pump Controls


• Sizes ranging from Din 16 through Din 200


• Designed with serviceability in mind; cartridges can be swapped out in the field in the matter of minutes


• Visit our Quad-S Cartridges webpage for more information

V010 Valves

• Extremely versatile valve used all across BOC's Valve Lines


• Can be used as a standalone valve or as a 'Pilot Valve' for other, larger valves


• Multiple actuation options (Hydraulic Solenoid, Pneumatic Solenoid, Manual Lever)


• Packed Spool / Zero Leakage valve built to withstand tough conditions and continued use


• Visit our V010 Valves webpage for more information 

Pressure Reducing Orifice Stacks

• Flexible solution for constant flow, pressure reducing applications


• Available in stacked plate or threaded disk form


• Multi-stage pressure drops created by tortuous flow plate


• Extremely 'field' friendly;' can quickly adjust flow or pressure drop characteristics by  adding/removing plates or disks


• Visit our Orifice Stacks webpage for more information