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BOC Decoking Valves

The BOC DV Series Decoking Valve has established itself as the top-of-the-line, most reliable, dependable, friendliest to the pump operations, easiest to spare and service valve in the marketplace.


Decoking Valve Building Blocks:


Main (Cut/Drill) Cartridge - Directs fluid to perform the decoking cutting operation

Bypass Cartridge - Directs pressurized fluid to the suction side tank when cutting is not required

Pre-fill Cartridge - Directs fluid to pre-fill the cutting header before main cut flow is opened

Pilot Section - Sequence opening and closing of main, bypass, and pre-fill valve cartridges

• Stacked Orifice Plates - Reduce pressure and control fixed flow rates during bypass and pre-fill

To download our 'DV Series' Decoking Valves brochure, please click here: DV Series Brochure

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