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DS Series Descale Valves

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Our DS Series Descale Valves pull together the best of our building block products to provide a reliable solution for descaling applications.

Our Quad-S cartridges provide the primary valve action,
employing the top-of-the-line cartridge on the market.
Reliable piloting is provided by our V010 series valve line,
which is the most dependable and dirt tolerant water valve in
the descaling market. And our innovative Pressure Reducing
Orifice stack technology allows us the ability to incorporate
multiple pressures such as pre-filling right into our valve

• Cartridge Style, Poppet-Type valves

• Engineered to Fit Exisiting Applications

• Long Operational Life

• Reliable Shift

• Zero Internal Leak

• Rugged Construction

To download our Descale Valves 'DS Series' brochure, please click here: DS Series Brochure

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