WKBN 27 Youngstown News Visits BOC

October 31, 2016

BOC resides in the Mahoning Valley, in Northeast Ohio. Once a manufacturing hotbed and major player in the steel industry, this area has seen a dramatic shift in the past few decades away from technical, heavy industry jobs. Conversely , exporting and the increasing demand of global markets for American products has allowed many manufacturers to stay competitive, relevant, and profitable. We recently had the pleasure of hosting Dave Sess from the local CBS affiliate, WKBN 27 Youngstown, to discuss exporting and it’s importance to our company. Dave spent a large part of an afternoon with BOC President and Owner Todd Olson to learn more about BOC and what role exporting takes in our day-to-day processes.

As you will see in the video and article, Todd mentions how currency valuation, as well as global monetary policies, have a direct impact on manufacturers, not only in the Mahoning Valley, but the United States as a whole. On a daily basis the BOC team proudly manufactures some of the world’s most reliable heavy industry equipment and remains one of the most valuable suppliers in a competitive global market space. We look forward to more global opportunities as we finish out a very successful 2016 calendar year, gearing up for 2017!

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