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Descale Valves

• Rugged construction for the harshest descaling environments


• Quad-S Cutting Water Cartridge Technology


• V010 Pilot Control System


• Bolt in replacement for all cutting water isolation valves


• Visit our cartridge style DS Series Descale Valves webpage


• Visit our radially ported style RP Series Descale Valves webpage

Decoking Valves

• Direct replacement for all 90 & 180 degree flanged envelope decoking valve


• Quad-S Cutting Water Cartridge Technology


• PTC (Pump Thrust Control) eliminates jet pump rotor position excursion


• V010 Pilot Control System provides redundant protection from pump dead head conditions


• Visit our Decoking Valves webpage for more information

Directional Control Valves

• Designed specifically for Mill Duty applications


• NFPA & MSA patterns supported


• Flexible and durable utilizing the BOC Quad-S Cartridge


• Designed for drop-in replacement of valves currently in place


• Visit our Directional Control Valves webpage for more information

Pump Bypass Units

• Provides control and reliability for successful operation of pumps


• Protects the pump when in bypass mode


• Consists of a Main Valve, Pilot Valve, and Pressure Reducing Orifice Stack


• Sizes ranging from Din 16 through Din 200


• Many different styles available based on your specific application


• Visit our Pump Bypass Unit webpage for more information

Hydraulic Assisted Stop Valves

• Hydraulic assist controls opening and closing of valve with the push/pull of a lever


• Once the valve is in position it can be mechanically locked into place in either position


• Energy to open and close the valve comes from the fluid media in the valve


• Rugged construction that can take the abuse of a demanding application (high dirt, high pressure)


• Visit our Stop Valves webpage for more information

Oil Cartridge Valves

• Full Repairs


• Parts Availability


• Site Service


• Total Replacements


• Conforms to ISO 7368 standards


•Interchangeable with all ISO 7368 cavities, including Oilgear, Eaton/Vickers, etc.


• Visit our Oil Cartridge Valves webpage for more information

Low Pressure Valves

• Typically operated with 150 psi, but options are available to support pressures as low as 40 psi


• Available in 4", 6", 8", and 10" sizes


• Variety of mounting options available for 150#, 300#, and 600# rated flanges


• Valves are adaptable to meet any existing mounting envelope


• Long operational life even withstanding the harshest of operating environments


• Visit our Low Pressure Valves webpage for more information

Pneumatic (Air) Valves

• Full-flow spool-packed valves that can meet any control requirement


• Designed for use with air, water or hydraulic fluids with pressures up to 300 psi and temperatures up to 150° F.


• Available in 2-Way, 3-Way, and 4-Way operations


• Numerous solenoid valve types and actuator options available


• U-Cup packing for durability in high dirt environments


• Visit our Single Plunger Valves webpage for more information

Mod Stacks

• Stacked components that are 100% customized for any application


• Components can be stacked in any order, based on need and preference


• Components can include Pilot Valves, Shut Offs, Flow Controls, Check Valves, Pressure Reducing Orifices, and much more


• All stainless steel construction for durability and reliability


• Visit our Mod Stacks webpage for more information (coming soon!)

Valve Stands

#1 - Ease of Service: utilizing BOC’s cartridge technology, servicing can be done quickly, in-place and at bench height


#2 - Ease of Troubleshooting: valve stands come with test ports  installed on pressure cavities and pilot lines. Optional gauge boards facilitate real time troubleshooting


#3 - Eliminate External Leaks: changing out valves only eliminates  part of the problem, often costly nagging piping leaks remain; manifold mounting provides tight fluid interfaces. A single P&T line reduces piping and leak points


#4 - Flexible Packaging: porting can be located on the top, bottom, or rear to meet your piping requirements


#5 - Simple Installation: stand is built complete and tested end-to-end, ready to set in place


• Visit our Valve Stands webpage for more information

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