• Production


    With over 37,000 sq. feet of manufacturing space, BOC operates a fully functioning production and machine shop on-site. Equipment under roof includes 11 highly functioning CNC machines and two 20-ton cranes. Our experienced and nimble production team enhances our abilities to be a customer driven company, making highly engineered and custom designed products at low quantities.

    Within the production facility, we have multiple departments including machining, production, assembly, quality control, repairs, welding, and shipping. 40+ employees, who average 12+ years’ experience at BOC, complete our operation workforce.

  • Engineering and Design

    Engineering and Design

    Every product that BOC manufactures is custom designed to the customer’s specifications.  Our goal is to “engineer to fit,” to minimize costs on piping and capital changes within our customer’s facilities.  We are able to do this due to our experienced and talented engineering team. With over 100 years combined experience, our engineering department is led by Don Olson, BOC’s founder and VP of Engineering, who is globally recognized as an innovator in water hydraulics.

    Having issues with your water hydraulics?  Feel free to contact us for a consultation.  Bring us the issues that hurt your head.  We are willing and able to provide on-site service should the need exist.

  • Services and Repairs

    Services and Repairs

    Our Service and Repairs department provides our customers the best possible re-manufacture at a cost-effective price.  At a minimum, a BOC repair job returns the product to OEM “as new” condition.  However, in many cases, we will increase performance beyond original service life by upgrading certain features when possible.  Our dedicated Service and Repairs department is equipped to handle a wide variety of components from many different manufacturers, not only BOC products.  We are experienced with products from manufacturers like Hunt Valve, Elwood, Salem Valve, Oil Gear, Fluid Logics, and more.  In many cases, we will have a repair quote back to a customer within 72 hours of teardown.

    Our service team can also come to you, when required.  We can assist with field troubleshooting, equipment start-ups, and training.  When you work with BOC, it is a true partnership, and we will do whatever we can to ensure your success.

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