BOC | Hydraulic Assisted Stop Valves


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Many of our customers have needs for stop valves. Traditional stop valves can be challenging to lock into place, but the BOC Hydraulic Assisted Stop Valves use the valve's pressure to assist with the opening and closing of the valve. Using a lever and simple hand wheel, the valve can be in position and locked into place (either open or shut) in the matter of seconds. When you need the valve closed and you need it closed NOW, it’s the best emergency shut off valve option available.

Compared to High Pressure Ball Valves, the BOC Stop Valve has many advantages including the following:

  • Faster and easier to shift
  • No excessive torques required
  • Extremely reliable with long service life
  • Configured to meet exisiting piping
  • Can flow 90° or accommodate offsets
  • Service in Place
Stop Valve Brochure
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