Petron Corporation Visits BOC for Decoking Valve Testing

Jul 24, 2018

BOC has had the great pleasure of hosting representatives from the Philippines based Petron Corporation at our facility in Salem, Ohio. Mr. Domer Rubiano and Mr. Ronnie Guarin traveled to BOC to witness factory testing of the two decoking valves they ordered for their oil refining facility in the Philippines.

Mr. Rubiano and Mr. Guarin spent three days with us going over all aspects of both decoking valves, including in-depth training, product animations, and rigorous high pressure testing.

The two valves will be shipping at the end of July and will be installed in the coming months. We really enjoyed our time with Mr. Rubiano and Mr. Guarin and look forward to continuing our partnership with them and the rest of the Petron Corporation team.

To learn more about BOC’s Decoking Valves, please visit here: BOC Decoking Valves

USACE Murden


March 1, 2018

It is hard to believe, but we are rapidly approaching “Year 7” of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ use of the shallow draft dredge, the MURDEN. The innovative dredge was built in Morgan City, Louisiana, and is maintained and operated by the USACE Wilmington, NC District. 

The main purpose of the MURDEN is to provide dredging along the Atlantic coast to provide safe and reliable maritime navigation for the U.S. Coast Guard and the many other vessels that travel the east coastline. 

What makes the MURDEN so unique was the trailblazing choice to use water hydraulics as its means to open and close the hopper. The MURDEN is a split-hull hopper, meaning the boat literally splits in two when it comes time to dump what it has dredged. Historically, dredge hoppers have been powered by oil hydraulic systems, but the MURDEN’s designers wanted to go with an environmentally safe choice after an oil hydraulic leak into the water, damaging the ecosystem. 

BOC Water Hydraulics was more than willing to help the builders with this vision. We designed and produced 16” cylinders with an 86” stroke to power the hopper. While it was a risk, as the first time it had ever been done, the risk has paid off considerably for the USACE. In its 7 years of use, the USACE has spent less than $1,000 maintaining the water hydraulic system and entirely eliminated any environmental concerns associated with operating an oil hydraulic system.  

While there was some initial apprehension from some at the USACE, nearly everyone is now on board with water hydraulics a useful method of hopper operation. As MURDEN’s Chief Engineer, David Cribbs, stated, “The system I doubted the most (water hydraulics) is ironically my most reliable.” 

For anyone working in the maritime industry, looking for an environmentally safe, and reliable system, please contact BOC today! We are more than willing to look at any application with you, to see how we can help you succeed!

BOC Attends HydroVision Expo in Minneapolis

August 1, 2016

Building on our water hydraulics successes in the steel & aluminum and the gas & oil industries, we have proven results in the hydro power industry. Working with customers like the US Army Corps of Engineers, we have been a reliable partner for water hydraulics needs. Past projects like the USACE Dredge MURDEN and the Fall Creek Reservoir have given BOC the experience necessary for any water hydraulic based application.

This is why we recently displayed at the HydroVision Expo in Minneapolis, Minnesota. As we continue to grow the hydro power segment of our business, we want those heavily involved in the industry to know how powerful water hydraulics can be, and how their application could benefit from our proven technologies.

Our team spent the three days of the expo meeting with domestic and international companies and were able to spread the word about BOC and water hydraulics. We look forward to growing the relationships made during the show and serving their needs as their projects evolve.

WKBN 27 Youngstown News Visits BOC

October 31, 2016

BOC resides in the Mahoning Valley, in Northeast Ohio. Once a manufacturing hotbed and major player in the steel industry, this area has seen a dramatic shift in the past few decades away from technical, heavy industry jobs. Conversely , exporting and the increasing demand of global markets for American products has allowed many manufacturers to stay competitive, relevant, and profitable. We recently had the pleasure of hosting Dave Sess from the local CBS affiliate, WKBN 27 Youngstown, to discuss exporting and it’s importance to our company. Dave spent a large part of an afternoon with BOC President and Owner Todd Olson to learn more about BOC and what role exporting takes in our day-to-day processes.

As you will see in the video and article, Todd mentions how currency valuation, as well as global monetary policies, have a direct impact on manufacturers, not only in the Mahoning Valley, but the United States as a whole. On a daily basis the BOC team proudly manufactures some of the world’s most reliable heavy industry equipment and remains one of the most valuable suppliers in a competitive global market space. We look forward to more global opportunities as we finish out a very successful 2016 calendar year, gearing up for 2017!

BOC Receives Prestigious "Friends of the Campus" Award from Kent State Salem Campus

April 28, 2017

On Wednesday, April 26th, Kent State University Salem Campus held their annual Student Awards Dinner, honoring those students who showed great successes throughout the school year. It was a tremendous evening celebrating their hard work as awards and scholarships were handed out to students in many areas of concentration including nursing, horticulture, business, radiology, and more.

At the end of the program, one more award was presented, this time to the BOC team. We were fortunate enough to be selected as the 2017 recipient of the prestigious “Friends of the Campus” award. This was the result of a partnership going back many years between BOC and the Kent State Salem branch. Owner Todd Olson, and the BOC team, has supported Kent Salem over the years through the Rural Scholars Program, job shadowing opportunities, and other mutually beneficial endeavors.

Upon accepting the award, Todd shared some wisdom to the students in the room. The main theme of his message was to take advantage of the opportunities Kent Salem has provided. “Receiving a quality education, like you all have, is a great door opener. The sky is truly the limit for each and every one of you, so take the ball and run with it. And once you achieve your success, always remember how you got there and try to give a little bit back. You’ll find that is the most rewarding part of all.”

We want to thank Kent Salem’s Interim Dean, Dr. David Dees, and the rest of the Kent State team for this award. We look forward to our continued partnership and wish all the graduating students the best of luck!

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