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BOC Pump Bypass Units

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Our Pump Bypass product line is a sophisticated solution for a frequent field problem. Many high pressure water systems are powered by large, multi-staged centrifugal pumps. These pumps require precise equipment to regulate bypass flow and to achieve safe, energy efficient bypass conditions. By utilizing our build block products; Quad-S Cartridges, V010 Valves, and Pressure Reducing Orifice Stacks, we are able to provide a flexible product that offers pump operators all the control and reliability they need for successful operation of their pumps.

• Many styles available including:

     • SAE In-Line Flanged Style

     • ANSI In-Line Flanged Style

     • Combination Individual Valve and Orifice

     • Integrated Valve and Orifice

• Consists of Main Valve, Pilot Valve, and Orifice Stack

• Sizes range from Din 16 through Din 200

• Custom designed and engineered to fit

• Zero Leakage

• Protects the pump when in bypass mode

To download our Pump Bypass Units brochure, please click here: Pump Bypass Units Brochure

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